Friday, December 4, 2009

Methodical Madness Makes an Update

Our group is humming along, and with Thanksgiving over we have been back in the saddle, moving towards completion of the final project at a brisk pace.

Currently, we are divided into three task groups, with each team having their respective tasks.

Build Team: Brieana, Josiah, Pete, Taylor
Coding & Circuitry: Neil
Documentation & Logistics: Me

I feel that this division plays well to the strengths of each of the teammates, and when I am not writing I help the build team as an extra pair of hands.

Module Design

As described previously, we are making a modular light-adjustment system. The modules are structural, and made of 8 pieces of acrylic with 4 triangular pieces of aluminum for bracing and aesthetics. I have included an image of the module in an assembled state.

Gallery Design

Our gallery piece will eventually look like this:

With light in front and LDRs behind the wall.

Project Status

Currently, we are producing the individual pieces of the module, and assembly will progress for the next few days. I will make a rather large informative update with step-by-step photography at some point in the near future.

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